On 03:34 PM 23/01/2002 -0600, Joel Hammer said:
> > The problem is *not* that wheel mice don't work with Protel!
>         no it doesn't work properly! as soon as the wheel is turned the 
> keyboard
>freaks out and i have to reboot. (press Esc and the windows start button
>menu    would pop-up.)


Riddle me this - I use a wheel mouse, I use a keyboard, I use P99SE, I use 
the wheel mouse and keyboard in P99SE. I do not get crashes in P99SE 
(except while developing servers and trying to interpret the convoluted SDK).

Your experience differs.  But as Ian Middleton (in the thread Illegal 
Operation Crash) said sometimes drivers can affect programs in odd 
ways.  Some of us now avoid ATI graphics cards and HP printers as we can do 
so easily and so avoid a couple of known vulnerabilities.

Should these vulnerabilities exist in Protel.  In an ideal world no, but 
some years ago I did a survey, about 120 Protel users responded.  On the 
question of speed vs stability the split was about 50/50 - there was no 
huge pressure out there for a dramatic shift in focus between speed and 
stability.  When one is dealing with returns from the operating system (and 
an installed driver is basically part of the operating system) one can try 
to validate every parameter, validate a few or go for max speed and 
validate none.  In the past I think Protel has been rather too trusting of 
the underlying drivers and should validate more returns - I am always keen 
on defensive programming.  But there is no great push out there, based upon 
survey of 125 Protel users for a dramatic increase in stability at the 
expense of speed. I was not part of a huge majority.

Comments from others saying "majorities" and "minorities" are based on what 
I wonder.  Personal preference is my guess.

Actually I agree with much of what you are saying - Protel, for an 
increasingly upmarket product, still suffers from some basic software bugs 
that we have a right to be fixed, for free.  Some of these have been 
documented for years.

There are now sufficient reports of HP and ATI causing problems that I 
would have thought that Protel should have done detailed investigation into 
the problems - and then told the us results via their KB.  But there is 
scant info on these problems - possibly suggesting they do not see it as 
their problem - an attitude that greatly annoys me.

As for a mouse and keyboard breaking Protel - there were comments a while 
ago about problems with particular mouse drivers.  The suggestion at the 
time was to try to get the latest version.

Read the above as support for some of your comments on the quality of the 
Protel suite not being up to the current price we are charged, but less 
support for your claim (?) that the wheel doesn't work and you had to get 
rid of it.

Ian Wilson

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