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>I'm using Protel 99SE/SP6 on Win2k.  I have created several custom drawing 
>templates for schematics and some of them contain a reference to a .wmf 
>file containing our company logo.  When I first created the templates the 
>logo showed up fine, just like I wanted.  However, when I shut down then 
>bring everything back up all that shows up in place of the logo is some 
>text claiming the .wmf file is not available.  If I fool around with 
>things (I'm not exactly sure what I actually do since it's more trouble 
>than it's worth) I can get the logo to reappear, but the next time I open 
>up the project the logo is gone again.  I've tried placing the logo file 
>in the .ddb file as well as placing it in several different directories 
>but in all cases it simply won't appear on the appropriate sheet 
>consistently.  Any suggestions?
>Ray Mitchell


There was a discussion on graphics in template some months ago - I do not 
have access to a local archive.  The discussion may have pre-dated the 
establishment of either of the two online archive and possibly even the 
Techserv email based archive (established about a year ago). The two 
on-line archives are:
1) and then search for Protel and find the archive group.
2)  search for 

(Leave now if you don't want to hear me bitching ... Rant mode on: Some 
history on the mail-archive site, when Techserv was being very slow in 
creating an online archive even though it was promised for ages, Abd 
ul-Rahman Lomax and I independently (but at about the same time) went about 
setting out an independent www-accessible archive of the PEDA list.  He 
went to yahoo, I went to mail-archive.  I was successful in registering the 
mail-archive as a user on the PEDA list but it was a little messy.  A short 
time later the subscription was terminated (not by me and not by 
mail-archive).  And then later still it was re-created.  One assumes by 
Techserv.  No comments to me even though in the past I had sent Techserv 
details on using the mail-archive site and suggesting it would be 
appropriate (and received a reply that they don't need it as their own www 
archive would be up and running soon - which it was not). There was not 
even an announcment on the PEDA list that the archive existed. This sort of 
behavior pisses me off no end - not much of a team attitude here.  Rant 
mode off.  Before people start at me about the wonderful service that 
Techserv provide - yes I do think it is a great service. )


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