I hope I can clear anything :

1. You can import gerber files protel generated without using camtastic
        and my protgerb. For this you don't need it.

2. The gerber - standard has more features than protel understand.
        protel makes correct gerber files, but if files are produced with an
different software
        ( camtastic of cource ) protel is confused.

3. My Protgerb program modifies the gerber input files with the *.gbr
extention and copy the
        result in a file named *.gbx, leaving your source *.gbr file unchanged.
        you should give the *.gbx file a new name with *.gbr extention, and than
try to import   with protel.

I suggest to use a very small gerber file and look at the files with a
text - editor. Than you
see the difference what protel produce and how camtastic change it and
protgerb change it back.

please give me a note if anything works or where is the trouble.


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Von: Juha Pajunen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 29. Januar 2002 08:11
Betreff: RE: Converting gerbers to Protel99SE


Here is settings I have used when I plotted Gerbers from Protel99.

Units: Inches
Format: 2:4

Plot Layers: Usen ON
Mirror Layers: ALL OFF

Plot all used layer pairs: Box is checked
Drill drawing symbols: Graphic symbols
Symbol size: 50mil

Plot all used layer pairs: Box is checked

Mechanical1: Box is checked

Embedded apertures (RS274X): Box is checked

X: 20000mil (default)
Y: 16000mil (default)
Border size: 1000mil (default)

Plus: 0.005mil (default)
Minus: 0.005mil (default)

Batch Mode: Separate file per layer

Other: G54 on aperture change and Use software arcs

Leading/Trailing Zeroes:
Supress leading zeroes: Box is checked

Referenceto relative origin: Box is checked

Unsorted (raster): Box is checked

Can you tell me what are the EXPORT settings on Camtastic that I can IMPORT
gerber files to Protel99SE. I am wondering where I NEED this "conversion",
I can IMPORT Gerber files that I have made with Protel99SE back to Protel...
why should I use this conversion.
When should I use this conversion?! (GBR to GBX)'
Does Protel99SE IMPORT GBR or GBX files or BOTH?
As you see, I do not know much these things... :)

Juha Pajunen

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From: Georg Beckmann [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: 28. tammikuuta 2002 16:51
Subject: AW: Converting gerbers to Protel99SE

Hi Juha,

can you send me a sample file that I can check it.

Or first check, if you use embedded apertures for export and
the same measure system ( metric or imperial ) .


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Von: Juha Pajunen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Gesendet: Montag, 28. Januar 2002 14:58
Betreff: Converting gerbers to Protel99SE


I am trying to get work this PROTLGBR converter.
I opened design to Cantastic -> FILE, EXPORT, GERBER
then I just exported DESIGN.GTL, DESIGN.GBR.
Then I used PROTLGBR to convert it, it went OK,
but my Protel 99SE +SP6 does not IMPORT file that
PROTLGBR just generated. Can you help me?!
Here is text from README.TXT...

Hi , Abdulrahman Lomax.
Thanks for the advice, someone made me a simple program to convert the
gerber files generated by camtastic that protel can inport it.
The program adds the Dnn and cuts the first 3 lines of the gerber
that protel don't understand.
It is a simple DOS program you can start in a dos-box with the name of the
source gerber to convert. The result is a file with the same name but a
gbx instead of a gbr extention. So you have to rename it and preserve your
source somewhere.
With this I was able to import the gerber.
The drills I first imported in camtastic and had to make a tool file.
( In my sources the drill tools and the apertures are only in a text-Doc )
Then I exported the drills as a gerber and imported to protel on a mech
layer. With global change it was possible to add a hole of the same size
then the pad on this layer.
Now I can make the post processes and even make minor changes on this pcb.
--> If anybody wants the program, please let me know, it's free.
Start with
protlgbr gerberfilename.gbr
the result file is gerberfilename.gbx

Juha Pajunen, Hw Engineer
Bitboys Oy
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