On 09:39 PM 30/01/2002 -0500, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
>At 10:48 PM 1/30/2002 +0000, Rich Thompson wrote:
>>sites that archive this forum.  i realise that techserv havent done this and
>>the yahoo groups backup list is web accessable but i thought there were
>The "backup list," [EMAIL PROTECTED],

I miss read the original post slightly (as I said in another thread I do 
this when skimming emails). In doing so I though Rich was aware of the 
Yahoo Groups archive of this message but it seems he may have been 
referring to the Yahoo Groups backup mailing list (they are different).

There are actually two full web accessible archives of this forum -
One on Yahoo Groups (and already referred to by Abd ul-Rahman Lomax who 
went to the effort of setting it up):

and the other at:

Both were started at roughly the same time.  One by Mr Lomax and the other 
by myself and then taken over by Techserv (who are better placed to do the 
subscription as it was a little messy and I am sure the Forum administrator 
saw some odd traffic at the time it was being set up.

(The unused PDEV forum is also archived it seems at mail-archive.com).

Historically there used to be a partial archive created using some perl 
scripts that I uploaded to some free site - but I have no idea of which one 
and it has not been maintained for years.  Just cluttering up some servers 
hard disk.  Also in the past I used to occasionally zip up my Eudora 
mailbox of this forum and make that available to those that want to go back 
to the early years.  I haven't done this for a long time though.

On the other issues of where this association should go. I urge users to 
have a look at other self-help and CAD user sites to see what is 
possible.  Some suggestions are:

In the case of the later two there is some money behind them.  But the 
PicList site, and its novel collective mind architecture (massmind), is 
funded by donations and bandwidth support from MIT.  It is an ugly site but 
masses of info.  I see the Protel users group moving closer to this sort of 
thing and away from the mailing list only service we have now.  For this to 
happen more people have to be involved and there has to be some 
preparedness from the founders of the list to accept such a migration.

The Mentor User site is particularly interesting as it covers the issue of 
support by Mentor for its activities in its by laws - for example:
http://www.mentorug.org/bylaws.html#treasury  and the other stuff  as well 
http://www.mentorug.org/bylaws.html - including the stuff on the make up of 
the steering committee (which can't include Mentor employees).

Maybe Protel would consider similar support of a vibrant but independent 
users group?  Do we know? What level of support would compromise 
independence?  Who is interested?  Yawn?

Bye for now
Ian Wilson

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