On 11:40 AM 4/02/2002 -0500, Bob Wolfe said:
>Mr. Lomax pointed out and unless there is something wrong
>with my intsallation, it does respect a footprint in each symbol however
>ONLY the first and not any alternates that may be listed.
>If you have a symbol with more than one footprint listed
>try update footprints and see what ends up on your board.
>Every time I have tried this it replaces what was there and puts the
>first one back on the board.
>Robert M. Wolfe, C.I.D.

This is a repeated assertion from you.  I have never seen it or heard it 
before, and yet I do believe that what you are seeing is true.  So:
1) You are doing something different from many of us
2) Something is different in your installation from many of ours.
3) Some other explanation like aliens are fiddling with your computer (see 
point 2.)

It is difficult to see how any of these is likely so this one is 
strange.  One possible option, I think, that could be used to resolve the 
difference and determine if there is a bug (as what you describe is 
certainly a bug) would be to run through the process with another practiced 
user over the phone and if possible with the same sch project and PCB.  I 
am happy to do this but international long distance phone costs would apply 
(I'm in Oz) - maybe there is another user nearby that could do this?  My 
main interest is that what you are describing is a bug that many of us 
cannot replicate and therefore it deserves some more investigation - Any 

I hope you do not see this suggestion as derogatory - it is not meant that 
way at all.  Simply trying to get to the bottom of a issue you have been 
repeatedly reporting that we have been tossing around unsatisfactorily for 
a while now.

Bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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