On 02:11 PM 4/02/2002 -0500, Bob Wolfe said:
>We did talk about this a bit back.
>I am talking about the footprint field or fields in a symbol, ie the list
>can edit to define a footprint or footprints you would like to appear on a
>for that symbol. In symbol under description there are 4 fields "Footprint
>Like you said if there is an entry in "Footprint 1" field in a symbol, then
>that is the footprint that will populate the board upon first time of

This last statement is the one that is getting a number of us 
confused.  This is not what happens to us and not what should happen.

>Or like you said you could put
>any footprint you want on the board for that symbol also once in the board.
>However from that point after if you changed the board to use the footprint
>for a symbol that was defined in field "Footprint 2" then ran
>synchronization selecting update footprints which is default it will replace
>the footprint on the board back to th eone in "Footprint 1" field. I have
>not tried this but,  I would guess that if you ran backannotation after
>changing the footprint in the board that it would
>update the symbol in schematic only to reflect this new footprint in the
>"Footprint 1" field. But again
>I am just pointing out to someone that if they think putting footprints in
>any of those fields will keep
>any, other than Footprint 1 on a board after update footprints, it has been
>my experience that it will not.

This is different from many of our experience and would a be a major 
bug.  It is surprising that, if verified, it has not been noticed before - 
hence my interest in sorting out what is really going on. (See another 
email on a possible way forward.)

>Would I be correct in saying that if I ran back annotate after changing a
>footprint it would have resolved this issue from a schematic standpoint
>only, but not from a library standpoint.

Yes what you say is correct, the footprint list in the library is 
*completely* unaffected by any synchronizations between Sch and PCB in 
either direction, and this is correct behavior. What is not correct, and 
something I have not seen, is the automatic use of Footprint1 in the synch 

Ian Wilson

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