> I'm fairly new at Protel, and am "stuck" at the following:
> What is the easiest way to drag an angled (45 degrees) track segment,
> maintaining connectivity and keeping all attached segments at angles
> of 0,45,90,... etc?
> So far I have been using Move >> Drag Track End.
> Colin Earl

What I have done is customise my menu for the PCB server. To do likewise,
double click on the menu bar (while the PCB server is the currently selected

In the resulting "Menu Entries" dialog box, double-click on the "Edit {E}"
entry (which consequently expands).

Scroll down until you see the "Move" sub-entry (which has sub-entries under

Select the "Drag Track &End" entry, then press the "Ins" key; that will
insert a new entry.

Edit the settings for that new entry:
- set the Text field to:
Drag Trac&k

- select the Process of PCB:Move Object

- enter parameters (Params field) as follows:

Object = Track|Drag = True|$Description=Drag tracks on the current document

Now close the ("Menu Entries") dialog box (by clicking on the Close button).

>From now on, the key combination of MK will select this new menu entry. You
should then select the track you want to drag. (In practice, I find it can
be helpful to use the "Shift-E" shortcut key to toggle the state of the
Electrical Grid, otherwise you risk having the vertices at the end of the
segment being dragged going off-grid.)

This is an example of how Protel's menus can be customised to suit your
preferences; toolbars and shortcut keys can also be customised as you see

Geoff Harland.
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