On 06:41 PM 14/02/2002 +1100, Ian Wilson said:
>I have added a few more entries to the bug database - including a couple 
>of recently discussed bugs.
>The general intention of this database is to document bugs that do not 
>seem to make it into the Protel KB, and/or, are persistent bugs that 
>Protel have neglected to fix over a significant period of time.
>I am keen to document them so any beta testing of the next version of 
>Protel can include testing of these bugs in the hope that they might get 
>fixed - if enough testers report the bug then maybe it will get fixed.
>Can I have some assistance pls with people trolling back through the 
>archives of this forum looking for things that might be bugs.  If you can 
>give me some details (in a form that fits neatly with the database format) 
>that would be great.  Maybe a number of people could organize so that each 
>only had to scan a subsection of the archives.  I s'pose we should try to 
>go back over the last year or so.  We should also remember that not all 
>bug reports have a nice subject line that let us all know that a possible 
>bug is being reported (more's the pity -  a little discipline goes a long 
>way to easing the archivists task).
>Ian Wilson

Rats!  I meant to put a link to the database in the mail...
will sort in reverse data order

But since long links sometimes get corrupted:

The Yahoo Groups database layout and searching is crude but works sort 
of.  If anyone has a better web accessible database solution (note the word 
solution) then let me know pls.  I am not interested in being told that I 
*could* go and get all the perl and Java scripts etc that bugzilla have 
released but this assumes I want to spend the time learning how to install 
and make it work on my hosting system ... which at this time I am not.

bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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