the soldermask layers are negative photographic layers. Where there
is no soldermask you see a pad, line or other feature. The soldermask layer
is largely automatically generated from processing pads on your conductive
layers. Additional soldermask features must be entered and edited manually
by yourself.

        Adding the keepouts will not do anything on a soldermask layer unto
themselves, there is nothing to keepout yet.
        To remove the soldermask from these existing polygon pours, select
the polygon pour on the top layer, copy the polygon pour, paste it over the
existing polygon pour, edit the properties of the new polygon pour to change
the layer to Top Soldermask, repour the polygon on the soldermask layer.
Repeat this process for the polygon on the bottom layer that you mention
only copying it to the bottom soldermask layer. You shouldn't need to use
keepouts for what it appears that you are trying to accomplish as long as
you polygon outline is drawn at the extents of the poured polygon. If you
want to further control the polygon outline then a keepout on the soldermask
layer could accomplish this once you have the polygon pour there to restrict
in the first place.

Brad Velander.

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Subject: [PEDA] Solder mask keepout

Hello all,
        I am having a problem trying to keep solder mask off of a polygon
plane.  I
have a Ground plane that I would like to have no solder mask on in specific
area's.  I placed a keepout fill on those area's and the keepout is on the
Top solder mask layer.  I also have one in the same location on the bottom
solder mask layer.  When I view the gerbers in Camtastic the keepouts did
not do their job.  What am I missing?

Afshin Salehi
DPS Telecom

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