> I know I can do it by placing the components on a pcb first but that is
> cumbersome when you "just" want to save a whole library into ascii......
> Peder K. Hellegaard

I have been requesting the ability to save/export/link/import/open PCB
Library files in ASCII format for some time now. I'm not assuming that this
will necessarily be provided in Phoenix, but it is also not totally out of
the question that it could be provided.

It has occurred to me that someone using the SDK files could *probably*
create an addon server in which a PCB Library file could be "translated"
into an ASCII format file, and such a file "translated" back into a PCB
Library file again. The translation procedures would probably prevent such
files from being capable of being saved or opened *directly*, but such a
server would still otherwise implement an ASCII format for PCB Library

Given sufficient spare time, I could probably create such a server myself.
But it would still be nice if Altium could implement this, and in a manner
which permits such (ASCII format) files to be being saved or (re-)opened
directly (with such files being recognised by Phoenix as PCB Library files,
rather than merely "text" files).

Geoff Harland.
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