Ros wrote:

> Hi Jon,
> Thank you for your reply.
> Well, just your saying that yours worked, gives me encouragement.  I don't
> have a book on this plotter but, through trial and error, I got the thing
> to accept a command prompt command.  It drew a diagonal line from the
> command that I sent it.  So, I am thinking that the baud rate is set
> correctly at 9600 and hardware control, 8 bits, 1 stop bit and no parity
> (N) as it passes the comm. test okay.
> I am almost certain that it is the setup from within Protel99 SE that I
> have wrong.  I am using Windows XP and have selected the generic HPGL/2
> protocol for talking to the plotter.  Is there a special driver for this
> beast to make it plot?  I have just selected the HPGL/2 from within printer
> setup in XP.

Get the specific driver from the HP website before wasting any more time.
They may not have an XP driver for such an old plotter, which may be
a problem.  I don't know if Win 2K or NT4.0 drivers can be loaded into

HP plotters have so many different features, that you really need
specific drivers.  The origin and axis conventions on the different HP
plotters are all different, and some other features are also different,
so it makes a generic driver difficult to make work in all cases.
And, yes, Protel has some problems in handling all different printing and
plotting devices perfectly, but this is not necessarily Protel's fault.
To take a picture on the screen, and tell a piece of software to reproduce
it, no matter whether the output device is a printer, pen plotter,
ink jet, laser, raster imaging machine, or whatever, is pretty tricky.

Anyway, when you can hardcopy a simple picture from the Windows
Paint program, then you know the driver is actually working.

Your "command prompt command" to draw a line sounds like you were
sending HPGL commands directly to the serial port.  That does not
take any driver, and just proves the hardware is working.  Actually, the
driver should have a canned "test page" that should prove that the driver
talks to the plotter correctly.


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