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> > So those of us who are using the spreadsheet have learned the incantations
> > to recite and the incense to burn, figuratively speaking. It likes to be
> > treated *just so*. Which is why, some time back, I gave an *exact*
> > procedure to follow for exporting and importing.
> >
> >
>I've followed most of those discussions, though I'm just now putting it into
>practice. I've discovered some things which seem to be at odds with what I
>remember reading:
>1) The GUID for each part (the "hidden handles") are actually in the
>spreadsheet, in column B. That column is hidden by default, but can easily be
>opened up.

Picky Ian is going to mention that the handles are not GUIDs rather they 
are two handles one for the sheet and one for the element on the sheet I 

>2) The reimport is very buggy, and assumes that you exported ALL the possible
>columns. If you try to export just the columns you need to work with, it
>reimports to the wrong places.

I am not sure about this - you could well be right but I think I have 
exported-changed-imported just a subset of attributes for entities.  But it 
is a long time ago so maybe I remember incorrectly.

>3) Because the GUID is actually present in the spreadsheet, you can sort rows
>any way you like and still be able to reimport them. I recall that you
>described a procedure for getting a unique number into every row, so that you
>could re-sort the rows back into the original order before reimporting them.
>This dosen't seem to be necessary in 99SE SP6. I'm having good success (thus
>far - knock on wood) with just sorting the spreadsheet the way I want it
>(shuffling whole rows only, of course), editing, and reimporting with it in
>the sorted state.

This is all I have ever done - all you need to do is ensure you keep rows 
together when you sort.

>4) I wish I'd explored this long ago. I agree that this is an essential tool
>for real work - makes it actually workable to get consistent part type and
>BOM info. And I hope Protel is actually going to fix some of the bugs in
>this! Protel, are you listening?

Shameless plug - the parts list server I wrote has the ability to read a 
config file from disk to avoid any dialog boxes.  So you can have a 
standardized Parts List generated from a single keystroke if you wish. CSV 
file output is included to allow further manipulation in a spreadsheet. (It 
does cost a little but free evaluation.)

Ian Wilson

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