Entirely probable......

We sent the gerbers anyway. And then tried a different gerber viewer this

PANIC OVER, call off the dogs.

Leon was right. Protels' importer saw the vias as through
hole pads, so placed a free pad at its location on multi layer.

The free pads have a paste mask so protel created one in addition to
the paste mask that was in the gerber.

Not sure if that is actually a bug, probably not, but something to be
aware of.

Many thanks,

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Jason, just a thought here....
When you load gerbers back into a blank PCB file, you must remember that for
a given layer, all the lands that represent vias and pads etc will be
imported as free pads and will take on the design rules specified in your
PCB file. Vias are just a D-code for a given artwork layer.

I suspect that if you tented these vias when looking at them in Protel after
importing the gerbers, they would actually have a Solder Mask assigned which
would be the default for a free pad or general rule in the "viewing PCB"

I would recommend using a Gerber viewer / editor for viewing Gerber files.

Leon Fonstin

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As normal we load the gerbers back into protel to check they look right,
I've noticed that
the tented vias have solder on them on the paste mask.  Why, and how do I
get rid of it?

I've never noticed this before but can't say it hasn't happened.

We're just about to spin the boards and want to know if this will affect the
mask manufacture.

Many thanks,


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