On 12:25 PM 20/02/2002 -0800, Dwight said:
>A related discussion reminded me of this -- a very annoying "feature" of
>autosave is that it saves all open documents, whether or not they've been
>changed.  So although you can set it to keep multiple backups, if you leave
>your design open while doing something else, you may find you have several
>identical autosaved copies of all your open documents.  It even autosaves
>docs opened read-only!  This (a) reduces the usefulness of autosave; (b)
>lengthens the time of each autosave, which (c) increases the disruption of
>one's work/concentration.

One of the issues that may well come up if Autosave only saved changed 
documents is that there are some operations in the Sch (at least) that do 
not mark the Sch as "dirty".  To get around this in one server I wrote I 
had to add a dummy entity and then delete it to get the Sch marked as dirty 
and so prompt the user to save.

So by saving all files always, Protel do not have to worry about whether 
the changed attribute accurately tracks changes.  Now, any bugs that mean 
the files are not correctly marked as changed should be fixed, but, if a 
change was made to Autosave to save only changed files we may peel another 
layer of the onion and find this exposes a few more bugs, and one of us 
somewhere, sometime will miss a vital Autosave because the files was not 
marked as changed.

Thinking about implementation issues a little, what we would really like 
(IMO) is separate flags for ChangedSinceLastSave (which we have already) 
and ChangedSinceLastAutosave.  In this fashion we only get an new autosave 
if the file has changed since the last one, regardless of whether there is 
a long term unsaved change to the file.  The alternative, still useful but 
simpler and possibly therefore more robust, would be to autosave whenever 
the ChangedSinceLastSave is TRUE.  This would mean that we would still 
accumulate possibly unnecessary autosaves on those files that were changed 
a long time ago but not saved.

My preference is very much that Autosave only save changed files.  Up to 
Protel to now take this as far as they see fit (if anywhere).

Ian Wilson

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