Is this what this forum does?  Sit and discuss what a printed circuit board
is?  I thought I could get some useful information here.


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> On 03:47 PM 2/20/2002 +1100, Ian Wilson wrote:
> >How do others interpret the following terms?
> >PCB (printed circuit board)
> Printed circuit board, ie, FR4 or other base material(s), etched and/or
plated with a very thin layer of metal to form an electrical circuit.
Specifically, one that has already undergone the etching and/or plating
process, and may or may not have been populated (stuffed), as opposed to PCB
material (which would be the FR-4 or similar material, pre-plated or
> >PWA (printed wiring assembly)
> I personally view PWA (used to describe the almost universally accepted
"PCB") as an anachronism, a left-over from the days when computers were
devices that resembled small power plants.
> The ONLY time I have heard a term like PWA that made sense to me was when
I was first investigating the purchase of a prototyping machine for my work
at NASA, and stumbled on a company which had a process for producing MCMs
and the like, which used(s) a plotter type machine to deposit suspended
conductive materials (gold, silver, etc.) and non-conductive materials onto
a substrate, which was subsequently baked to off-gas the carrier and form a
"stable" circuit of gold, silver, etc... I believe the company originally
created the tools for making precision resistors, but began selling the
fabrication machinery as well, desinged in part thru a DARPA effort to
protect critical military components from obsolescence. That is, printed
wiring is just that, it is printed onto a substrate. (My take)
> >What term(s) do you use for the assembled PCB?
> Generally, either "board" or the "working" name of the finished assembly
(what they do) (soundcard, KHz-rate spark generator, motherboard, tuner,
transmitter, ignition timer, 8-chan diff amp subassembly, servo amp,
18-118A, etc., etc.), though generically, I would still refer to all of them
as PCBs, whether bare or populated/"stuffed", but that's just me. PCBA or
printed circuit board assembly is basically a generic form, though I would
personally only rarely use that particular abbreviation.
> aj

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