On 07:01 PM 22/02/2002 +1100, Geoff Harland said:
>Bottom line: if Altium have visions of providing an "inverting" feature in
>Phoenix, then this should be provided in a form which inverts the *entire*
>PCB; there should not be an additional option (or alternative
>implementation) of inverting *just* selected items.
>It is debatable as to what *should* happen when the L key is pressed, but
>attempting to implement an "inversion" of objects which are currently in a
>selected state (and *just* those objects) does have the potential to produce
>nasty results. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this matter?
>Geoff Harland.

I usually don't want to invert the board as an end to itself - I just want 
to sometimes be able to work from the bottom - so just a viewpoint thing 
not a database thing would serve most of my purposes. An invert maybe 
useful when laying up SM components both side on a panel and using the 
"alternate rows flipped" technique of minimising pick and place machine 
setup.  But doing this with Gerbers instead of the PCB is possible of course.

Also, Abd ul-Rahman's comments about design re-use are valid.  Hmmm - maybe 
it is time to re-visit the invert server... I think if we made the 
compromise that it only dealt with visible entities (so did not try to play 
games with layer pairs, design rules etc), only affected Top and Bottom 
Layer entities and  associated layers, did not support undo (this was a big 
cause of problems) then we could release something that makes a good fist 
of typical inversion requirements - the existing beta server would be cut 
back to achieve this.  Any interest in a cut down server that did not try 
to fully invert the whole database but just the top and bottom layers?

And I personally would not be doing anything on this until I saw what 
Phoenix had - since we have requested bottom-viewing, inversion and mech 
layer associativity (all these being somewhat related) it would not 
surprise me to see that there was not something there in the next version - 
they are, after all, nice marketable features.

Ian Wilson

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