On 07:41 PM 22/02/2002 -0800, Brad Velander said:
>         thank you very much, I was racking my brain trying to remember the
>cures which had previously been discussed, to no avail. Now they seem to
>have disappeared but I know they are just lurking somewhere where they are
>not readily visible at the moment, time for the snipe hunt.
>Brad Velander.

Brad, the polys probably had "remove dead copper" and their vertices are 
now off the region of the board (due to the shift you mentioned) - so all 
the copper is removed.  You may be able to get them to show by going into 
the ASCII version, finding each of the polygons and changing the 
RemoveDeadCopper (or whatever) option.  Then re-load, select-All cut and 
paste blah blah blah. It may remove the orphaned polygons. Also Jason 
Morgan wrote a Repour All Polygon server   - available on the Yahoo site.

There is also a Protel KB item on phantom polygons and getting rid of them.

A while ago I did remove a poly and its tracks manually from the ASCII 
format file.  Tracks that belong to the poly have the poly's handle in one 
of the fields - so with suitable macros you should be find and delete all 
the tracks that belong to the poly and then the poly itself.  Also, maybe 
you could export the polygons to spread and change the "remove dead copper" 
option there, or get their coords, or even set their coords so they flood 
across the board allowing you to see them and then delete.

Actually - something that would be nice would be the ability to delete 
objects from within the spreadsheet.  Maybe a specially named column with 
allowable actions like Add, Delete, Change, NoUpdate etc.  This would 
extend the spread function further.

On the issue of the odd shift in the design that caused the issue.  This 
sounds worrying - any more details you can give on that?  Has this sort of 
thing been reported before?


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