Hi everyone,

We have only installed Protel 99SE SP6 this year on our network, and I have 
just starting introducing the pcb editor to the students.

I am not a network IT person but will attempt to describe the problem(s).

Most of the students had a problem showing itself when we browsed pcb 
libraries on the editor panel.  The PCB Footprints.lib filename was displayed, 
but not components or previews.  Nothing I tried could diplay this - unless 
the library was opened manually, then the pcb editor updated.  Not long after 
this the software crashed.

If I logged on to this same computer - everything was fine.  Footprints 
appeared where they should.

A few other "eliminations" confirmed that it was likely to be a students rights 
problem to the local hard drive where the program is installed (by the way we 
are using NT).

We gave RWDC rights the design explorer directory and sub's to anyone 
logging on to the computer.

This solved many problems.

However there are still some students who appear to have errors when 
dealing with footprint library access.  Albeit now a different kind of problem.

Protel now gives a "do you want to overwrite - c:\prog files\design 
expl..\system\temp\~90390834.tmp" and if you say yes, an error message 
says "cannot do this..... etc.etc..."  If you say no, it just continues on and 
asks you the same thing each time you click on a part in the component 
window on the editor panel.

Q1.  What is the significance of this temporary file in the temp folder?
Another problem still occuring now and again -> file not recognized 
messages come up when trying to add a footprint library (located in a shared 
"read only" area accessible to students) to the pcb editor panel.  This is then 
fixed by copying the library ddb to their own area and adding it again!

Q2.  Why would this happen?  Protel 98 did this with no problems.

Our IT person contacted Protel yesterday and I believe he will be in touch 
with them again today.  But I thought I would throw this out to the other 
experts and see if anyone can shed some light on the situation.

Thankyou for ANY help at all that you can give us.


Electrical Drawing with CAD Tutor
Elecrical & Computer Engineering Department
Ph 9408330 or 9408142

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