Like I mentioned before I didn't see much of the router really. I'm more
interested to so how it does on my boards when I get the chance. The new
integrated libraries look pretty good. You have one viewer that will show
you the sch and pcb representations at the same time.

The DDB is history as well. All files are external and they are referenced
with a project file, like any compiler would have. I think I might miss the
DDB actually because I knew if I had that one file intact, my entire project
would be there and be healthy (no missing files)

Another thing they've tossed out is version control. It's now completely
external where it belongs. For those of us that use SourceSafe, or some
other tool that is good at version control, this is good news.

Another "fluffy piece" as Brad would call it (Hey Brad I'm jsut teasing ya!)
is a neat dim-away view of stuff that IS NOT selected. When you're selecting
a net, or a bunch of objects that make it past a filter, you can dim away
everything else that isn't selected and it REALLY makes obvious what IS
selected. What I used to do when selecting stuff all over the board (which
required me to zoom out and see tiny parts) was make everything draft mode
while I wanted to observe the select items. (I did this a lot looking for
drill sizes) Now you can just do you selection stuff, and pull down a
control that gradually dims everything else. It's another "WOW, that's cool"
sort of features. This thing is packed with stuff like that.

All the floating tool bars are drag and drop, resizeable, etc. You don't
have to go through the (slight) pain of process creation when customizing
menus and toolbars. You can if you want to, all the old stuff is there, but
they've added a layer to make it easier.

In fact, just today I noticed I had a custom tool in the PCB Reports menu
that is missing! It was a tool to "measure selection" which used to exist as
default in 2.8, but they tossed it. Why do things just disappear???? So here
I am again putting it back, by opening menu properties, adding the item,
giving it the name "Measure &Selection", looking up the process (what was it
called again?? oh yeah: PCB:MeasureSelectedObjects, figuring out the params
(none in this case), etc. The new way was easier.

Hmm, so I just found "MeasureSelectedObjects" in my client99se.rcs file and
now I'm wondering why/how that could have disappeared. I have not deleted
the RCS file (ever)


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