At 12:18 PM 3/30/2002 +0800, yczhangxx wrote:
>Version:protel 99se with sp6
>In Schematic editor I want to change the footprint of components with 
>the  same library reference (such as RES).When the component
>properties dialog is shown,I enable "global" tab and select the required 
>item .But there is no any effect after I click OK.

The global editors have two kinds of matching and two kinds of replacements.

Some items are matched by any/same/different and some are matched by 
explicit reference. I.e. RES would be matched by explicit reference by 
entering RES in the match field, or some wild-card which sees RES as a 
match, like R*.

Some items are replaced by checking a box on the right of the global edit 
dialog; these boxes will typically turn on by default when one edits the 
item on the left. Others are explicitly edited. You must enter, in the Copy 
Attributes field, what is to become the new contents of the field.

If, for example, you wanted to do a global edit to match all RES symbols on 
a schematic, under Attributes to Match By you would enter, in the Library 
Reference field, "RES." Then to give all these the footprint 0805, you 
would enter 0805 in the Copy Attributes field for Footprint.

If you are doing a global edit, and the item requires explicit text in the 
Copy Attributes field, what you enter on the left is ignored. I think it 
likely that this is what has been overlooked here.

In the example I gave, you would delete the curly brackets -- {} -- in the 
Copy Attributes field and just enter the text of the footprint name. Those 
brackets can be used for partial replacements. For example, if one were 
editing net labels, one could enter {DATA=D} in the Copy Attributes field 
and every matching occurrence of a net label with "DATA" in it would have 
"DATA" replaced by "D". So DATA8 would become D8, for example.

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