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>Go to Tools, Preferences, and at the bottom center of the dialog box, turn
>off "Automatically Remove Loops".

This will indicate to Mr. Robison the cause of the behavior he saw. But if 
he is doing cleanup, he should probably leave loop removal turned on. It is 
*much* fast to clean up a trace by simply drawing over it than by deleting 
and then drawing.

There are some circumstances where the Loop Removal tool will pull a via 
that it shouldn't. It's easy to replace an occasional via!

Obviously, if the via is redundant, Loop removal might be expected to 
remove it.

I leave Loop Removal turned on normally. For the occasion when I need to 
make redundant vias or connections, I turn it off, then back on when I am 
done. Note that Loop Removal does not search your database for loops and 
remove them. It on checks to see if the current connection you are making 
is redundant. If it is, then it will rip up the other connection.

Sometimes to get it to recognize a track to which one is routing, I find 
that I need to overlap the track a little. It always recognizes exact 
endpoints of existing tracks, but sometimes routing to the middle of a 
track does not trigger loop removal; this is why I do a little overlap. 
Since I have electrical snap turned on, this forces exact positioning of 
endpoints, and more than one of them....

Loop Removal is the greatest thing since raspberry jam.... don't leave home 
without it.

(Some of us lumbered or slumbered on for quite a while before discovering 
what Protel had given us with Loop Removal. It's easy to overlook, there 
are no trumpets or other fanfare.)

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