> Geoff Harland wrote:
> > > I know that you can put lines over pin names on schematic symbols to
> > denote
> > > an inverted signal. Can this be done on PCB part types & text strings?
> You can, of course, place a line on the overlay layer over the text
> It is a separate entity, and will have to be moved separately, but it will
> the appearance you want.
> Jon Elson

Actually, Sean James wrote the above, not me; I responded to a post of his,
and that post included what he had previously posted.

Going slightly OT, other mailing lists and NewsGroups I subscribe to,
sometimes have threads on "Top Posting" and "Bottom Posting"; apparently
some people subscribe strongly to the view that "Top Posting" is a Very Bad
Thing, and as such, is something that no well-raised individual would even
contemplate, let alone practice. (This post is using the "kosher" "Bottom
Posting" style, in which the response is placed below the contents of the
previous message; with "Top Posting", that sequence is reversed.)

With the (officially preferred) "Bottom Posting" style, you get to read what
is being responded to before reading the response to it. OTOH, with "Top
Posting" (BOO!! HISS!! :) ), if you have just finished reading a previous
posting, you already know what the previous correspondent said, so reading
the response to that "straight off" can save you from having to scroll
through the contents of the post in order to read the "fresh" contributions.

However, there are some posts when it is desirable for the responses to be
interleaved with the material being responded to, not atypically on a
paragraph-by-paragraph basis. In that situation, the "Bottom Posting"
protocol is indisputably appropriate (while usage of the "Top Posting"
protocol would be indisputably *in*-appropriate in such circumstances).
Presumably this is a significant reason why "Bottom Posting" is regarded as
the Right Way To (always) Do It.

If anyone wants to add anything further on Internet ettiquette re email
postings, I would suggest that this be done on the Protel OT mailing list
(before we are requested to do so by these mailing lists' Administrator).

Geoff Harland.
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