it seems that you may have sorted out your difficulty with opening
the schematics in question. I would have suggested the printer issue as
Dennis suggested. The printer bug will crash Protel if the schematic was an
open document while opening the database, otherwise it may crash the program
when you try to open the schematic within the open database. Of particular
note, I believe that it is always necessary to have a valid printer
configuration set in order to view or open a schematic. For this purpose I
have a phantom printer installed on my machines LPT1 port just in case the
network printers go down or are otherwise not available through the network.
        As for your query about wires or lines. In Protel, unlike other
systems, wires connecting symbols in a schematic have no net information
carried within the wire if you query the wire properties. The net
connectivity is directly assigned at a time when the netlist is generated,
at that time it is not stored within the schematic but will be regenerated
again if the netlist is generated or the PCB is updated via the
synchronization facility. Until that time the net connectivity information
is again transparent. If you use a net label to assign net names to a wire
then the wire will utilize that net name when letlists or synchronization is
generated. Using multiple net labels is a hit and miss situation where you
would not be sure which net name is selected for use in the netlist, a
single net name would be arbitrarily selected from the multiple names
applied through the multiple net labels.
        Hope that helps explain some of the issues you raised over the last
few days.

Brad Velander.

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mira [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 5:50 AM
> To: Protel EDA Forum
> Subject: [PEDA] wire or line
> I opened another project and this time it let me see
> the schematic. Everything looks nice. I see the net
> names as they should look like but when I click on the
> wire, I don't see any properties, that could show me
> that this label belongs to this wire.
> How do you handle this? I can place a lable and a
> junction on the line, too. 
> I can place several net labels on one and the same
> wire with different names. What will I get on the PCB?
> How this wire would be called there?
> Thanks, 
> Mira.

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