Thank you for your polite reply.
You may start polishing my resume, too.
I'm experienced PCAD MD user. You can only dream of
what I can do with this package. :o)
But my colleagues think that it's time to make a move
and some of them prefer Protel although they never
worked with it. Some other think it's "safe" and
"easier" to draw schematics in Protel. With my first
steps in Protel, I may say it's a nice drawing but
only a drawing.
PCAD gives names to each wire I draw. I may change it
any time even when I start drawing it. It places
junction when I stop/start on top of another wire and
asks me if I'd like to connect them. It could
disconnect them if I delete a segment and asks me how
to rename them. I may choose to keep them connected.
I just checked the same with PCAD2001. It also gives
names to the wires and places junctions automatically.
It changes the net names if I delete one of the
segments. The only difference is that I have to go to
wire properties to change the net name and I cannot
type it when I start drawing it. 

Regarding duplicated refdes PCAD does not allow me to
place the same part refdes if there is already one
placed although I type it manually (as in Protel). The
only way to have duplicated names on the components is
to copy another schematic and choose to keep the same
PCAD2001 places the refdes automatically. If you have
R1 and R3, next time when you place R it will name it
R2... then R4 and so on.
I didn't want especially to duplicate part names. I
just placed one and then I saw there was another one
with the same name but this makes me wonder what will
happen If I have multiple pages and the same component
names. To be checked!

This was just to give you an idea of what I was
expecting to see. There is no need all EDA packages to
be the same. I only want to know what might be done in
Protel and I thank you for your time and patience to
explain it.

Now about the net label placed on top of two wires...
I saw that the net label has kind of a ref. point.
Obviously when this point touches the wire it assigns
this name to the wire. It seemed to me but now I'm
sure this ref. point acts as a junction if placed on
top of two wires, which are crossed but not really


If you place the net label at the point where "o" is,
you'll get them connected no matter that there is no
junction at all. Do you understand me? 
There is no indication to which wire this label
belongs to. Wire itself does not show anything either.
I can pay attention on this but I may not avoid
mistakes of that kind.


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