OK! This explains a bit more, been there done that a number of times
in the last ten years. I can understand where you are coming from now and I
sympathize. My best advice, look for functionality and not duplication of
what you were used to. Also keep an eye out for solutions to issues that
your other package was stymied on.  It is 'less' painful that way, not
completely painless though.

        Some of the features you mention with PCAD net connectivity are very
nice. I have seen some of them via Accel EDA a few years ago, V13/14/15.
Protel is different and definitely a little more wide open and less
restrictive. The work around is to properly configure and utilize the ERC

        As for your net label connection to two wires, sorry my
misunderstanding. I now see your point and yes it is not the most desired
operation. It is similar to running a wire perpendicular to the ends of
symbol pins, you just don't do it unless you want all the pins to connect to
the wire. For your reference this function is also present in OrCAD, or at
least it used to be for about a decade or more.

        As for the duplicate designators, yes I can remember many times
cursing the Accel EDA insistence on no duplicate designators when I was just
trying to swap a couple of designators around. Not a pretty picture. I got
used to changing designators to R999, R998, R997, R996, R995, etc., then
changing them to the actual values that I had wanted in the first place.

        I believe from what you have described there is a basic difference
in philosophy at work here. Seems PCAD's thoughts are to tie down the system
so that the designer can't make a mistake. With Protel we use the ERC check
to check that we didn't make a mistake when we are finished doing what we
wanted to do. I don't think that in most circumstances there would be much
difference in efficiency between to two philosophies. When you were trying
to do something a little off base or different then Protel is probably far
more efficient without the encumbrances at each and every step.

        Here's a heads up before you hit the wall on a very weak item in
Protel. Protel does not have any support for double sided assembly drawings
other than using the silkscreen. Yes, we have all cried the blues about this
one, maybe in the Phoenix release. I had even suggested the Accel view
window as a nice feature for mirroring bottom assembly drawings. There is
also word of integrated libraries with Phoenix, I only hope it is better
then Accel EDA had implemented a few years ago. What a pain to generate
fully functional symbols and land patterns. All while viewing little tiny
windows with a bunch of columns/fields stuffed around them.

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

Visit us at Booth 2G2-09 at CommunicAsia 2002 in Singapore June 18-21.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mira [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 3:43 PM
> To: Protel EDA Forum
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] duplicated net labels and refdes
> Now about the net label placed on top of two wires...
> I saw that the net label has kind of a ref. point.
> Obviously when this point touches the wire it assigns
> this name to the wire. It seemed to me but now I'm
> sure this ref. point acts as a junction if placed on
> top of two wires, which are crossed but not really
> connected.
>    |netlabel3
> ---o---
>    |
> If you place the net label at the point where "o" is,
> you'll get them connected no matter that there is no
> junction at all. Do you understand me? 
> There is no indication to which wire this label
> belongs to. Wire itself does not show anything either.
> I can pay attention on this but I may not avoid
> mistakes of that kind.
> Mira

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