On Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:26:27 +0200, Rene Tschaggelar wrote:
>Is there a recommended software that does backup based on disk
>copy operations, no need for zipping. I hate tapes, they are no
>up to the job. The software should find the differences. Meaning
>find changed files.
>Don't fail on open files ? Doesn't have to do open files though.
>Strictly no database orientation, meaning not copying into one
>big blob, but simple directory-directory copying with some auto
>-naming ?


There are lots of ways to do what you want. On my own small
office network, I backup ALL files on all workstations (5 total)
every day. I also keep a mirror of my server data drive that
contains my essential data (financial, design files, office
documents) as well.

I backup the network workstations to a removeable 60GB IDE hard
drive using NovaBack software. I have a daily rotation of drives
and every week one drive goes offsite for safe storage. It's set
up to run automatically in the wee hours of the morning. I also
do an hourly mirror of any changed files on my server's primary
data drive to another physical drive in the server using a simple
command line batch file. With large IDE drives being so cheap,
they are much faster than tape and the cost is very reasonable.

I can never lose more than a week's data, even if the place burns
to the ground. It also makes any one system failure very easy to
recover from, as well as any "oops" moments that happen. I can
retrieve a mistakenly overwritten or deleted file from the
previous day's backup in a matter of a minute or two. using my
same strategy, you could have your design files backed up as
often as you like, only saving changed files so that you have a
"running backup" of your work on a physically separate drive.

BTW, I'm running Win2K on my server and most of my workstations,
with a couple running Win98 for legacy software and testing.

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems

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