On Tue, 30 Apr 2002 09:46:49 -0700, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
>i just got a tape drive IDE internal b4 you trash tape this one
>is pretty cool IDE 30/60gig Tapeware software runs in background
>and makes an incremental b/u every night unattended every
>version of every file is on there and it is very fast pretty
>easy to retrieve

I didn't mean to trash tapes. In fact, I ran a 12/24GB DAT backup
system before I switched to hard drives. Tape drive systems
become a real PITA when you can't fit all your backup data on one
tape though. Once that happens, you start getting lax about
backups and that's bad. Any backup is better than none at all.

>with the hard drive method its hard to get all the old versions
>sometimes the older backup is the better one

My backup software works the same for tapes, CD's, or hard
drives. You can do incremental or full backups, over write or
not. It's up to you how you want to manage your backups. Mine
stretch over a 14 backup set, so I usually can "go back" about 2
weeks to any file on any workstation.

>in pc mag a columnist recommends the new USB external hard
>drives about $250 for 20+G hard to beat

Yes, the external removeable drives are nice. I'm looking at
converting my main backup system to removeable drives and
individual carriers on a USB 2.0 or Firewire link.

>using a second internal hard drive on the same box is not a
>great idea i've seen more than one total box meltdown take out
>both drives

Agreed. I would never a second drive as my primary backup,
however it is a good way to do automated incremental "snapshots",
say hourly, of your work in progress. It can all happen
transparently for the most part and is just another part of an
overall backup strategy. I still have my daily full workstation
network backups that happen independently on my server system.

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems

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