On Tue, 30 Apr 2002 12:53:31 -0400, Bagotronix Tech Support
>Yeah, I think ZIP drives are pretty lame now.  They were a good
>idea a few years ago, but when CD-R/RW came out and got cheap,
>ZIP drives are dinosaurs now.

Zip drives still have their place transporting data from system
to system. At least you don't have the "Read Only" file attribute
problem you run into with CDR's. Zip drives are aging technology,
but still somewhat useful and better than nothing.

>I don't understand Matt's claim that CD's aren't reliable.  If
>you handle them carefully (don't use them as coasters and keep
>your greasy fingers off the optical surface) they are very
>reliable.  Now DVD's are another story.

I keep my CD's in immaculate condition, but several recent
studies I've seen strongly suggest that the long term stability
of the media is not so hot. One study I saw (I wish I had saved
the link to it) showed that data loss can start as soon 5 years
of normal room temperature shelf storage. I don't find this too
hard to believe, considering the data is stored in a non-sealed
medium using optical properties of a polymer dye.

All I meant really was that the jury is still out on the long
term reliability of the writable CD media itself. I would
consider the media to be at least as reliable as tape media,
maybe more so. Then there's also the issue of whether a disc you
wrote will be readable in a (possibly future) drive. I think
we've all had CD's we've burned that would read fine in one drive
but not others.

>Since Protel DDBs are so huge now, fitting a large project on
>one CD-R might be a problem.  I have yet to see good backup
>software that will span a backup across multiple CD-R.  Anyone
>know of one?

The NovaBack software I use will span multiple CD's. I'm sure
there are other backup programs that will also. Some drive image
programs like Norton Ghost will also span multiple CD's.

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems

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