On 09:46 AM 30/04/2002 -0700, Dennis Saputelli said:
>with the hard drive method its hard to get all the old versions
>sometimes the older backup is the better one

That is why I zip into a file with the date in the name.
1) I get daily backups
2) I do not need any proprietary software to open the backups
3) I can easily test the integrity of the backup by running a Zip test on 
the archive
4) I can easily check for corruption of the backup as the zip is encoded 
with a 32-bit checksum.
5) There are any number of zip searching and explorer-like viewers 
available, searching for a particular file is not excessively difficult - 
and operates at disk rather than tape speed.

I am nervous of ZIP drives/disks having lost one drive and several disks to 
the "Click-of-death" track-0 problem - but I s'pose these issues have been 
fixed in later drives.  I do use them for transport between non-connected 
machines and to clients offices.

For those interested under Win2k (may work under WinNT as well - not sure) 
the following batch command will create an environment variable 
(ArcFileName) something like "Arc2002-03-18.zip":

for /f "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%a in ('DATE/T') do set 

A small program can be used to do something similar under Win 95/98.

This environment variable is then combined with the archive type (DAILY, 
WEEKLY, MONHTLY) and the machine name to form a zip file name that is 
unique in date, machine and type.  From there is easy to run whatever 
scripting you want.  The above name could be used to create a directory 
somewhere into which xcopy is simply used to the files - if you 
wanted.  Though I think zipping offers a number of advantages.

I may document this process and put it (and the scripts) on my www site for 
others to make use of as they wish - sometime. Maybe we could document a 
whole suite of different backup systems and scripts to allow others to make 
a choice?

Ian Wilson

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