On 12:53 PM 30/04/2002 -0400, Bagotronix Tech Support said:
>I don't understand Matt's claim that CD's aren't reliable.  If you handle
>them carefully (don't use them as coasters and keep your greasy fingers off
>the optical surface) they are very reliable.

There is an interesting but article on degrading disks:

Not scientific but some interesting words nonetheless.  There is 
suggestions about, again some doubt as to the sample sizes and method of 
testing, that say that a cheap CD-R will have order of 2 year 
lifetime.  Not that much really.  I repeat that the work is not very 
conclusive so it may be scare mongering - however it does give pause for 

><..snip..>Since Protel DDBs are so huge now, fitting a large project on 
>one CD-R might
>be a problem.  I have yet to see good backup software that will span a
>backup across multiple CD-R.  Anyone know of one?

IMO, be careful of proprietary software that may or may not be around in a 
few years time for the new beaut OS you have.  Personally I prefer either 
software I have written myself (and backed up the source) or very commonly 
used utilities (zip) that are very unlikely to become unsupported.

There are plenty of file splitting programs around - some of these allow 
recombination with the DOS copy command.  Others require a joining 
program.  Make sure you also backup whatever programs you split and join 
the files with.

>Here is my idea of the ultimate backup technique:  use a removable hard
>drive in a Linux box on your Samba network.  Backup your files to that Linux
>box and take the drive home or store it in a rental storage facility.  When
>you back up your Windows box, don't share the Linux drive with your Windows
>box, but share the Windows drive with your Linux box.  That way if you get a
>virus on your Windows box, it cannot corrupt anything on the Linux box.  I
>haven't tried it, but it would be really cool to set up the Linux cron
>daemon to periodically copy changed files from your Windows box to your
>Linux box, making the backup automatic.

Or use the AT service or Scheduled Task function of Windows to do the same 
- though I suspect that the cron job on Linux may be more reliable - at 
least it works through daylight saving change-overs.

Ian Wilson

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