its a brand new system
i also gave up on QIC and Ditto, etc.
i got this because the CDR method was too haphazard and there is no good
way to organize all the discs and maintain the 'habit'
also sifting through them to find something is pretty tedious

the drive is called Onstream ADR2 (the '2' is important)
IDE internal
the tapes say 60G, i think that is a compressed figure, it is hardware
it is very fast for a tape, it reads a bunch of tracks in parallel or
something like that

the bundled software is Tapeware
at first i thought it was very complicated but that was because i was
trying too hard
just let it do what it wants with the wizards and it keeps track of what
tapes you are putting in etc.
there are a lot of backup terms and objects and containers and junk like
that but as i said they really tried to make it easy if you let it

the drive and the software and one tape were about $475

i have it running an incremental every night at 10PM (having once done a
of course it is all configurable including security features
this is high end software ported down to this level

i have only had it a short while so caveat emptor, but it was
recommended by my long time and valued local white box builder
i did a few test restores and it worked
you can right click on a file name and view and select from all of the
backed up instances of the same file
(the file box is way too small though hopefully they will fix that)

all of the operations are very fast since they work off a database on
your hd
of course this can be rebuilt from your tapes

beware though!
the bundled software is only for a single workstation, you have to give
them more $$ for it to work on other machines on the network
you can install the full workgroup version and it will time out after 30
days unless you pony up

if you keep most of your work on one system you can stay with the
bundled version and just dump stuff from other machines on that one

Dennis Saputelli

Bagotronix Tech Support wrote:
> Dennis:
> What is the make and model of tape drive you bought?
> It will be interesting to see how long the drive works reliably before it
> starts having read errors.  In my experience with QIC and Ditto drives,
> after a while the tape drives have too many read errors.  Even after
> cleaning the heads, they still have problems.
> I agree about the version issue.  Why doesn't someone write good (and cheap)
> backup software for non-tape media?  The same thing could be done for hard
> drives, CD-R/RW, networked storage, etc.
> I agree about not using the backup drive in the same PC box as the work
> drive.  Power supply meltdowns, viruses, etc. can whack both drives
> instantly.
> Best regards,
> Ivan Baggett
> Bagotronix Inc.
> website:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Dennis Saputelli" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To: "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 12:46 PM
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] recovering data
> > i just got a tape drive IDE internal
> > b4 you trash tape this one is pretty cool
> > IDE 30/60gig
> > Tapeware software runs in background and makes an incremental b/u every
> > night unattended
> > every version of every file is on there and it is very fast
> > pretty easy to retrieve
> >
> > with the hard drive method its hard to get all the old versions
> > sometimes the older backup is the better one
> >
> > in pc mag a columnist recommends the new USB external hard drives
> > about $250 for 20+G
> > hard to beat
> >
> > using a second internal hard drive on the same box is not a great idea
> > i've seen more than one total box meltdown take out both drives
> >
> > Dennis Saputelli
> >

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