> elements that will 
> appear in Phoenix, since it will include Phoenix
> when the latter is released.

Does anybody know how expensive Phoenix will be?

> Among other things, DRC should report
> out-of-workspace 
> primitives; as it is, an out-of-workspace footprint
> pad will *not* generate 
> an incomplete net error. I consider that a bug.

It should be. I have a PCB, which reports 5 polygons
although I see only 4 on the PCB. One of them is
"empty" and can't locate it.
When I select all and try to move it, it says there
are locked primitives and one of the polygons doesn't
want to be moved. 
How to find out which primitives are locked? How to
locate the "empty" polygon?

> To recall some of the discussion in recent threads,
> one will find oneself 
> frustrated over and over by expecting Protel to
> function like other CAD 
> programs. 

I agree. It's quite different but I used to work with
Smart. I thought nothing could surprise me much but
Protel did so.

> Generally, however, 
> once one understands how to accomplish a thing in
> Protel, it does make 
> sense, it is relatively easy to remember. 

Probably... after you remember all sets of buttons to

> But I also expect Protel to be easier for a new
> user, unfamiliar with other 
> CAD systems, 

If he/she was born yesterday, could be. Unfortunately
I'm not of that kind.
I met Orcad on a crossroad several times. PCAD was/is
my love from the first sight.

> One will also learn a lot simply reading the list;
> this is true even for 
> experienced users. There are powerful tools that are
> very easy to use, once 
> one knows that they are there.....

I agree. There are many walking tutorials here. Just
for one day (thanks to them) I made such a big step.
This monster is not that big now.

> Loop Removal is an example. Loop Removal, when
> enabled, allows rerouting a 
> trace simply by placing a new one over it; the
> original trace will be 
> ripped up without any need to delete tracks
> manually. 

This reminds me about one of the first versions of
Orcad. I had several nets routed but there was no
space for one more and I couldn't find a way to move
the segments. I decided to delete it but for Orcad
this meant "remove the net from the netlist". So, I
had to load it again. The right way was to re-route it
from the beginning to the end and then the old one was
removed automatically. I hope this is not the case

=== message truncated ===
Oops, obviously we are very talkative.

Thanks for the help.

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