On 11:13 AM 2/05/2002 +0200, Schmitt Michael said:
>Thanks for your quick response ...
> > How many matches would suffice?
>as said before 2 would recomend 2. because a part is described with the
>footprint and the type. in some cases the partname says everything, but in
>the case it is a resistor / capacitor f.e. you need 2 informations to get
>the right informations.

What about those that use Part Field 1 for tolerance, and Part Field 2 for 
wattage, and Part Field 3 for ....

>well okay we had some discussion about that, that if, lets say, i select a
>100nF cap 0805 size that must work at 5V,
>the tool can allow any cap in the
>excel database that would fit. going deeper into that, selecting the
>cheepest part ... but that would be a never ending story.

That is three matches, and now you want not only matching but intelligent 
matching! :-)
Actually it is a nice idea (being able to select from a range of parts 
based on some other metric, taking into account that some matching could be 
based on a limit rather than an exact match).  But probably beyond the 
scope of server such as I have written. With the selection based on price, 
you are asking for a rather specialized sort of thing that is likely to 
only make sense in very specific environments (that is the tool would have 
to be written basically for integration with a particular companies work 
practices).  It would be best to turn the problem on its head and allow an 
external system to "pump" data into Protel.  There are well reviewed parts 
list, BOM and MRP-type systems out there.  Two that come to mind are dCSM 
and Parts and Vendors, that, I gather, work the other way around, in that 
when using them you are not really using Protel to manage the parts list, 
rather it is just one of several input sources..

>what protel has included does it, but it does not do its job in the time the
>earlier version did. i guess it was p98 with the very fast database update,
>no idea why they made it soooooo sloooow (PROTEL WAKE UP this is realy
>discusting !)

I thought P98 was slow as well.  It this not the case.  Was it broken in 
P99 and P99SE?

>if somebody whats to make clear that the 100nF cap with 0805 size has gold
>plating instead on nicel ... well give it a different part name.
>we call the caps "1uF 16V" (as protel has a problem with the  character )
>to make clear what type is wanted from the excel spreadsheet.

That is OK for you but I am more interested in how others would do 
matching, to see if there would be any interest in extending the existing 

Thanks for the idea - I will need to think about it.


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