here are some answers to your queries.

Phoenix (DXP) is rumored (unofficially from Protel staffers) to be $1995USD
upgrade cost from 99SE. This will then include one year of ATS support from
the upgrade date, which coincidently is also $1995USD per year.

Locked items. Locked anything will be moved during a "S"elect "A"ll move,
the protection only raises the warning message. Answer affirmatively and the
locked items will move anyway. There is no absolute protection for locked
items, it is actually not even protection just a warning.

Invisible Polygons. When moving polygons that were previously invisible
always try an affirmative response to the repour polygons query at the end
of the move. Sometimes the best solution to finding them is a "S"elect
"A"ll, move the items and then drop them back at their starting location,
answer yes to the repour enquiry. They may become visible when repoured. If
they were set to clear unconnected polygon segments and they are all
unconnected you have a slightly bigger problem. In this case I have
previously exported the PCB as ASCII, found the polygon statements for the
appropriate layer(s) and manually changed the status for unconnected
islands. Then I import it back to the database, try the move and replace in
the same location and answer affirmative to the repour query, they should
now show up. There may be another method somebody has developed but I don't
recall any. Sorry for my lack of correct descriptors in this explanation, I
have tried to get as close as I can but at the moment I can't even check the
correct descriptors, Protel crashed yesterday along with some W2K functions,
I have a bit of clean-up and re-install left before I can even check the
correct terminology for the specifics.
        Protel crashes, this is the first re-install that I have had to do
in about 9 - 12 months. So contrary to some rumors, with the correct OS and
reasonable hardware, Protel does not crash that often. I actually think that
my crash was W2K initiated because there was extensive damage to my W2K
install and it took out some Protel functions because it was open at the
time of the crash (it screwed some of my INI files and the license manager).

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

Visit us at Booth 2G2-09 at CommunicAsia 2002 in Singapore June 18-21.

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> From: Mira [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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> To: Protel EDA Forum
> Subject: Re: [PEDA] mirroring or flipping a PCB (was:...)
> Hi,
> Does anybody know how expensive Phoenix will be?
> It should be. I have a PCB, which reports 5 polygons
> although I see only 4 on the PCB. One of them is
> "empty" and can't locate it.
> When I select all and try to move it, it says there
> are locked primitives and one of the polygons doesn't
> want to be moved. 
> How to find out which primitives are locked? How to
> locate the "empty" polygon?
> Probably... after you remember all sets of buttons to
> press.
> Thanks for the help.
> Mira

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