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>I am interested in purchasing Protel PCB/Schematic Software with license. 
>Prefer Protel 98 or newer.

For the information of our readers, older Protel licenses which have not 
been used for upgrade are eligible for upgrade pricing. Right now, a Protel 
98 license is worth almost as much as an older 99SE license because it can 
be upgraded to 99SE for $2000 and the upgrade will include the Phoenix 
release, whereas a pre-Oct 1, 2001 (?) 99SE license will not be 
automatically upgraded,  some Protel announcements have indicated that the 
upgrade pricing will also be $2000.

So if one has already decided to buy a 99SE license, or wants to buy one 
but cannot afford the current price ($7995?, it fluctuates with sale 
pricing), anything below about $6000 would be an improvement. I'd say that 
$4000 is about right for a used P98 license. Yes, this may be more than one 
paid for the license in the first place....

As I have indicated elsewhere, the Protel resale market is in a bit of 
disarray due to uncertainties about pricing, plus Protel has run sales 
which lowered the price by about 20%. Since used licenses were selling for 
about 25% below regular price, the sales left not enough improvement to 
motivate buyers; naturally a seller could lower the price accordingly, but 
sellers usually want to get as much as possible and thus are motivated to 
wait until pricing settles....

I may have a 99SE license for sale, BTW.

Note that licenses which have already been used for upgrade are considered 
by Protel to be subsumed into the new license; Protel has stated that it 
will consider the sale of an older license to be the sale of any newer 
license founded upon that older license. I don't think they would get away 
with that in court, i.e., they could not prosecute for copyright violation, 
BUT they are completely free to set whatever policy they deem appropriate 
when it comes to recognizing licenses for upgrade purposes. So one could be 
trashing one's right to upgrade by selling an older license.... that could 
be a very expensive mistake.

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