There has been some discussion of library management. While I don't have 
the time at the moment to go into much detail, I have given a fair amount 
of thought to how a cooperative user library might be organized. A little 
of this has previously been described on this list.

But the bottom line is that it would be indexed to manufacturer and mfr. 
part number. As far as the shared library would be concerned, one would 
send a message to a server in a defined form with mfr and part number, 
perhaps chosen from a list so as to avoid having to translate various forms 
that a number can be written. The server would return whatever symbols and 
footprints were associated with that number. It would also return 
information as to whether or not this data had been validated, and by whom. 
Users would know, presumably, to check unvalidated data.

Users would be encouraged to contribute symbols and footprints, and to 
validate symbols and footprints that they obtain from the system. This 
process could be made quite easy; perhaps Altium could help with setting up 
the servers that would handle the data.

While there would be, as there are now, certain generic parts, in the end I 
think that parts must be filed under mfr numbers, there is simply no other 
way that would handle all the possible complications. Certainly, also, 
there would be cross-referencing, so that many parts could be aliases for a 
common symbol/footprint combination.

As matters stand, we are all inventing the wheel, over and over. Certainly 
we all need to be able to make up parts, but it does take time, and this 
time is multiplied by all the Protel designers who use that part, if it is 
not in a supplied library. And sometimes, as we know, we are not satisfied, 
for various reasons, with what is in the supplied libraries.

A mailing list was started to deal with the issues involved in organizing a 
user library; like most of the accessory lists, it has had very little 
activity, but it is there for use; to join send a piece of mail to


Abd ulRahman Lomax
Chair, Protel Users Association

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