Here is your answer Tony. Just what might have happened to you. I have
nothing further.


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You're right Tony

I do make backups just not as often as you do. I experience at least
one drive crash per year, meaning I'm prepared. While I could
run server-centered I just don't have the confidence in the server.
I have raid5 array on the server but the software fails on
multiple copy operations at the same time. Perhaps a glitch in 
setting up samba ?

While at the last crash, Aug2000, I justified the expense of a 
6-drive Raid5, I might consider daily backup from now on.
About a week is lost on this drive this time.

Is there a recommended software that does backup based on disk copy
operations, no need for zipping. I hate tapes, they are no up to 
the job. The software should find the differences. Meaning find 
changed files.
Don't fail on open files ? Doesn't have to do open files though.
Strictly no database orientation, meaning not copying into one 
big blob, but simple directory-directory copying with some
auto-naming ?


Tony Karavidas wrote:
> Igor, I know why people come here. I've helped out plenty of times (and
> asked quite a few questions too) But I don't do dumb things and then ask
> to get out of hot water.
> I don't know if you read what Rene wrote, but Rene said his drive
> That almost ALWAYS means it gets thrown out, or reformatted or if they
> $$$$, sent in for data recovery services.
> I didn't call him stupid, I said: "...that was plain stupid."  If anyone
> this list is making a living with their computer and NOT backing up their
> data, they are *being* STUPID! There is a distinction between the two.
> There is nothing to take about someone accepting they screwed
> up?? His actions aren't wrong to me, they are wrong to an entire industry
> computer professionals. And if anyone else is silently saying to
> 'I don't back up either' well then you ought to learn a lesson from Rene's
> crashed drive...
> I triple backup because my livelyhood depends on it! I have two drives in
> machine that get mirrored. This covers me from a drive crash or even an
> accidental file overwrite. On a weekly basis, I copy my data to another
> machine, so if my drive controller on this machine screws up and trashes
> both drives, I've only lost a week max. I don't screw around with tape
> anymore because it's slow and I didn't do it often enough.

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