What PCAD does is unknown to me, as I have never used it. My understanding
was that Mira wanted to find out how to do things in Protel, and my comments
were written with that in mind. From my point of view, Protel has enough
capabilities to create any assembly drawings and pick&place information one
may want. To create them I am working on a copy of the file, so to prevent
any file corruption. Printpreview is one of the tools I use to create
assembly drawings. Using Printpreview you don't have to flip the board. I
have not had any problems so far by flipping the board around, either.

Hope this helps.



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        what Mira & I were discussing is not necessarily the same as you
mentioned. Possibly some of Mira's comments (I am not 100% sure of what
precisely she meant) were the same as yours but what I alluded to was far
beyond Protel's present capabilities.
        Within PCAD (and the former Accel EDA) are the DOC Tool functions.
These include all sorts of documentation functions and features. One of
these features allows you to take a snapshot of the PCB or any portion of
the design and place it within the database. You can further change the
layers, scale or flip the view of this snapshot. To document 2-sided
assemblies in Accel I used to take the snapshot of the PCB, place it above
or to the side of the real PCB, flip the view to bottom side view and build
a bottom assy dwg around that view, viewed from the bottom as assembly
people would view it. The view also will update (real-time? or may need a
refresh?) so you do not have to redo the view as you change items on the
real PCB. Simple, complete documentation within your database for bottom
viewed assemblies.

        I believe the issue you mentioned of flipping the entire PCB has
some possible drastic problems according to comments I have heard from Ian
or Geoff. I am not qualified to discuss those but I believe that both Ian
and Geoff have warned against doing just that. Further more that approach
just screws up documentation of top side assembly views once flipped so you
still only have half a solution.

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> >There are some very nice features
> >in PCAD2k1. You can flip the component but you can
> >flip (mirror) the whole PCB together with the routing.
> I have done that in Protel. Enable all used layers and go to
> Edit>Select>All. Click on Move, left click on the selection 
> to choose a
> reference point and press X. This will mirror all layers and 
> you can view
> mirrored images by enabling/disabling layers. It won't change 
> layers, i.e.
> top layer objects will not be sent to bottom layer and vice 
> versa. You could
> always use PrintPreview to do the same thing, without compromising the
> integrity of your design.
> >There is also a Doc tool menu to place a detail view
> >of each layer, could be scaled or mirrored. I like the
> >idea of integrated library. Cadstar is better than
> >PCAD in this manner.
> Don't quite understand what you mean by this , but try 
> pressing Up and Down
> keys for scaling.
> >It would be very good if Altium could implement these
> >features in Phoenix. Sooner or later both Protel and
> >PCAD will be merged.
> Many of the features people are asking about in this forum are already
> covered in the manual. You need time to learn how to use any CAD tool.
> Trying to compare PCAD and Protel or to go and do a 
> production work in new
> SW straight away will not take you far. Cover the basics first.
> Regards
> Igor
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