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>We are talking about two different things or at least
>both Protel and PCAD do this differently.
>I tried the way you proposed but couldn't get it
>working. However there was an option to "flip" the
>selection that made me think it could be done but it
>didn't actually flip the board. It just mirrored the
>layers themselves. I mean top overlay stays still top
>overlay but mirrored and everything is somehow frozen.

Correct, it is written in my message to you, as well. I use that to create
pick&place files for the bottom. There are other ways to do the same, but
this one seems to be the fastest to me. Use the Printpreview to look at the
board from upside down or to create assembly drawings of any layer
combination in any orientation with any information on them you want.

On a flipped board turn off unwanted layers to look at the bottom layer. You
will see it as the assembly people would have seen it. If you want to work
on your design after flipped, you would still know which layer is top and
which one is bottom as the layer colours are preserved.

>The meaning in Pcad is that you get all layers
>swapped. Top goes to bottom, silk top - to silk
>bottom. So it's like looking at the PCB from the
>bottom side (or routing as the bottom side it your top
>Design views of your top and bottom overlay (silk)
>next to your PCB design help you to locate easily the
>components. When you flip the PCB and "refresh" you'll
>see the views changed, too. Highliting a component
>also highlights in in the view. Select another one and
>it appears selected on the view.

PCAD costs more as well.

>I've got another question.
>When moving the selection I placed it close to the
>lower left corner... but some of the components are
>now out of the working space. I looked to me it was
>possible to place them there and Protel didn't
>complain. It was deselected and saved in the mean

>How may I select again the PCB only? There are many
>other things than I don't want to move.

Try Select>All and then move all together. When everything is inside the
drawing space try deselecting layers or Edit>Deselect>Inside/Outside Area to
deselect objects you don't want to move further. You might want to
experiment with selection options until you get the right combination of

Hope this helps.



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