we use three fields to match parts, Lib Ref, Part Type and Part Field 8. I
usually leave my machine on overnight when importing data from the database.
Very annoying and time consuming, but it works and it is still better than
doing it manually. On one of the Protel shows their rep demonstrated to me
the import from a database that worked in seconds. I don't know what kind of
sorcery was used, but if you could come up with something like that, and
with more matching options than the current version, we would be interested
in using it.



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On 10:16 AM 2/05/2002 +0200, Schmitt Michael said:
>Hello Ian,
>i had just looked into your server and it looks like that what i was
>searching but i cannot use it as it is.
>the reason ist simple. as far as i understand your server it does only
>ONE object in the schemtic with ONE object in the excel spreadsheet.
>but i need to check :
>1. is the footprint like 0805 the same
>2. is the value (parttype) 10k the same
>then if, and only if, both fields are matched i need to copy the stuff from
>the selected colums to the fileds in the schematic.


I'll think about it.

The server is really designed to facilitate the import into the sch of all 
the fields based on a company part number that is either entered at Sch 
design time into a part field or at Sch Lib design time into a read-only 
(library) field.  There is a possible problem with extending the search 
across multiple fields - it may complicate the access into Excel slightly.

I have three ways of going here:
1) add one or two possible match fields
2) be very general and allow the user to add as many match fields as they
3) say tough luck - it does what it does.

1) is probably simple enough but no doubt someone will find a limitation 
with it. 2) is more time to program. 3) is not really like me so, as I 
said, I will think about it.  The extra money I would get from an extension 
like this is very unlikely to cover my time in doing it but I will consider 
it.  (These servers are by no means big money spinners, more a loss-making 
hobby that others may find useful.)

Anyone else with a desire to be able to fill in all the Sch part attributes 
from an external source, where there is matching required on more than one 
How many matches would suffice?

Ian Wilson

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