At 01:42 PM 5/4/2002 +0200, Rene Tschaggelar wrote:
>Thank to all for these quick replies.
>The netlist manager solved it. I didn't try to propagate
>through unassigned vias, since they usually don't pick up the
>changes in net assignment. So I did repeat {assign, place via}
>until all nets were completely assigned.

Vias and free pads do not pick up the (new) net assignment if they are not 
directly connected to a component pad. Stitch vias would be an example. 
Otherwise the Update command previously described should update free vias.

>I made a section on a page describing the procedure :

While that page does describe a process for recovering a file from gerber, 
it does not give the most efficient way of doing so.

The process I would use is to start with free track and pads brought in 
from gerber. (vias are plotted the same as pads, so they import as free 
pads.) Save that file separately. I would then place the footprints so that 
the pads overlay exactly. It is also possible to recreate a footprint by 
copying the pads (through the clipboard) into a footprint (in the library 
editor). Then I would delete all free track and pads. I would then import 
the net list or run Update from the Schematic. Then I would open the 
separate file with track and pads. I would use global edits to delete all 
footprint pads, typically they would be different sizes from vias or free 
pads. When I have the file with only track and free pads, I would use Tools 
Convert to change all the free pads to vias (or those which are 
appropriate, if there are other free pads on the board). I would then copy 
this en masse to the PCB with the footprints. It will help if the block 
copy reference is in the same location as a footprint pad. When a block is 
copied, the default is that copied track and vias and pads pick up the net 
from already-existing primitives....

I haven't tested this recently; if the net assignments are not complete, 
the Update Free Primitives process should complete it.

>Rene Tschaggelar wrote:
> >
> > I have unassigned tracks (no net) and would like to proagate
> > the connected net.
> > In schematic there is a 'design/update pcb' that has a checkbox
> > for 'Assign net to connected copper'. That somewho does not appear
> > to work.

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