I have only one comment on a circular board design. I did two in the last
few months. The board wizard works great. However, if you need to cut out an
insert Protel may not see the keep out area closed as closed with respect to
the 3D viewer. You will observe a square board. I think this has to do with
the insane rounding within Protel. I have not had a copy of a 3D add on, but
working with my mechanical designer it would surely save time in translating
packaging issues.

As for soldering, we have nothing automated here so I cannot comment.

As for Mira's PCAD imports, I have seen alot of text rotation with the
schematic editor. With respect to the artwork, information can be dropped I
think this is mainly do to planes. Nets also get renamed, thus breaking the
link between the board and the schematic, in my memory.

For the record, I loath PCAD. Unneeded business, over cumbersome library
management, pristine net lists are mandatory to start a board development
and added to that, *no* global editing. Quite simply put, E-GAD. I wish the
XP auto router would be beta to use only users soon. I have a design with
nearly 1000 components and no Spectra. Waahhhhhh.....


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Hello, all:

A customer asked us to design a round (circular) PCB for them.  We have
never designed a round PCB before.  Any special Protel techniques, tips, or
gotchas we should know about before starting?  It is not a high-tech board,
single sided only, TH for wave solder assembly, to be manually routed.  In
fact, net-connected polygons or fills will be used for most of the board
copper area, due to heat dissipation requirements.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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