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At 11:57 AM 5/14/2002 +0200, Georg Beckmann wrote:
>For to do this, I use dummy parts usually 0402 resistors for the routing.
>You have different nets for current and sense, you can also give them
>different rules.
>After finishing the routing and checks, I short this parts in the schematic,
>do an update pcb
>and short this parts in the pcb manually.

That's a quick way to accomplish the goal. However, my preference is for 
something more like this:

At 06:03 AM 5/14/2002 -0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>This sounds like a perfect application for the "Lomax virtual short" which
>has been discussed on this board. Check the archives for details, but in a
>nutshell you create a part which has a gap which is too small to fabricate
>(i.e. 0.000002"), and set up a special design rule to allow a 0.000001"
>clearance between the pads involved. Place a jumper on the schematic to allow
>the two wires involved to be separate nets, and place the physical component
>described above to control the connection point between the two nets.

The advantage of this method is that the short is maintained in the 
database; if you run the autorouter again, next year, it will not "fix" the 
routing path. It can be a little tricky to set up the part, but once you 
have it, it is done. There is a PCB file with a virtual short that works at:


(Because some files in that filespace are proprietary, it is necessary for 
copyright reasons and the yahoo agreement to restrict access to the 
filespace to members only. So yahoo needs to know that you are a member, 
which means that you must (1) be a subscriber to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and (2) accept a yahoo cookie. Maybe someone 
will set up an alternate space for those who are on a cookie-free diet.)

An alternate method is to use a dedicated mechanical layer to create the 
short and a special gerber plot setup to plot that layer only, together 
with the shorting mech layer. This method is simpler and the shorting part 
easier to create. Do *not* place the short as free track; rather put it in 
the footprint so that it is automatically maintained in the correct 
position. If the mech layer is named something like "shorting bars" it will 
be a kindness to future generations, and the part should likewise have a 
descriptive name that makes clear its function.

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