they are being cautious because of the "high dollar value". There
are more junk boards fabricated because of misunderstandings every year then
you could shake a stick at. They do not want to be fighting about acceptance
criteria and payment on a large order. They want it spelled out in black &
white. Possibly if they think that you aren't sure of exactly what you want
(being a bit of a rookie) then they don't want to be eating the cost of the
        Protel will generate a fab drawing for you or assist in generating
it. Check the CAM manager Gerber generation properties, find the Drill
Drawing checkbox. You will also have to place the special string for a drill
legend in your database. You will have to dimension your board outline. Also
give tolerances for all dimensions and drill holes sizes. On Drill hole
sizes the preferable way of specifying it is hole size plus or minus X
amount after plating. Generally a drill drawing is an dimensioned outline of
the board with drill symbols/sizes/alpha markers at the suitable locations.
Besides that there are notes specifying the laminate, initial copper foil,
copper plate up, finished plating, soldermask, silkscreen, inspection
criteria, etc., etc..
        Some of this may be more then they are actually asking for.
Basically it should contain enough detail as to completely specify the
fabrication of the board for materials, process and inspection. Check your

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> From: Robison Michael R CNIN [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 1:56 PM
> To: 'Protel EDA Forum'
> Subject: [PEDA] fab print requirement and generation ??
> hello,
> i've been doing boards now for almost two years and it
> looks like i'm still a rookie...
> i've been getting boards made by advanced circuits now 
> for almost two years, and have probably gotten around 30
> different boards made.  i'll admit that they had some ques-
> tions on the first couple i did, but everything has been
> going more or less smooth since then.
> now they are asking for a "fab print", supposedly because
> of the high dollar figure of my order.  they said it was
> a drawing locating the drill holes.  does protel generate
> this for me?  all i do is run thru normal gerber and NC
> drill in the wizard, and evidently i'm not generating it
> for them.
> thank you, miker

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