At 02:03 PM 5/23/2002 -0700, Brad Velander wrote:
>Abd ul-Rahman,
>         the naming is performed on the Gerber data (how I don't remember)
>such that you have a pad flash with unique names for each different size
>assignment. Then you can replace those assignments with a multilayer pad
>globally. I believe there was a manner of making the same thing work for
>vias as well. It is to bad that I don't recall how it was done because it is
>ideal for replacing pads (vias?) in the case of a gerber data load.

You don't need to remember. The process is almost trivial in Protel, and I 
described it. But it does not give you pad numbers. There is *no* way to 
recover pad numbers from gerber unless one applies a great deal of 
intelligence. E.g., I can recover numbers for a DIP or SOIC (it may be 
necessary to look at the legend to know the orientation); this could be 
automated, but it would require something *much* more sophisticated than 
Protel 2.8, I'm certain of that.

The process you described is simply a "global edit."

While it is possible for gerber to have two different D-codes for the same 
pad size and shape, I've never seen it and it would be only the result of a 
manual assignment of names; it could be considered an error, albeit a 
normally harmless one. So one will get, in the imported file in Protel, a 
unique size for a unique D-code. So you can globally convert those pads to 
through-hole pads as appropriate and the pad sizes that correspond to vias 
can be converted to vias (using the Convert tool, Selected Pads -> Vias).

The "unique names for each different size" are not necessary, but someone 
might create descriptive pad names to help in the process. Once again, the 
tool is Global Edit.

>         I had simply hoped that someone on the list also knew of this
>process. I cannot recall the details from the one time I was walked through
>it by a person who is no longer with our company.

We do know the process, and we have been describing it....

Now, if 2.8 has a pad renumbering tool like that in Tango DOS, this would 
speed things up, but it would still be a manual process to recover pad 
numbers. (And there is no way to guarantee that the numbers completely 
correspond to the original because there is no universal standard for 
naming the pads of some kinds of components, such as SOT-23s. Fortunately, 
it is not necessary to completely match the original, one must only match 
the schematic that one eventually produces, if there is one to be made.)

But if you must find the original person, there is a fairly good chance 
that one of us knows him or her, if you can remember the name....

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