I have several questions connected with 2 issues of pointing to a document
which is within Protel's database.   (Protel99SE + SP6, WinNT4)

Issue 1: Adding (to a list of current libraries) specific library
          file which is within library database containing several

When performing "Update Parts in Cache" command, it could be useful
to be able to exclude, from the list of current libraries, some of
the libraries which are normally on the list.
However, adding/removing library database (in "Change Library File
List" dialog) adds/removes all libraries which are inside.
The problem could be solved by having separate ddb's for each library
file (or just .lib files directly on a disk), but I definitely
prefer having 1 library database for all our custom libraries.

I found an example (in original advpcb99se.ini file) of pointing
to PCB Footprints.lib which is in Advpcb.ddb and also found (in KB2200)
short explanation of syntax to be used when addressing files in ddb.
For PCB libraries it works great - I manually changed the line in
advpcb99se.ini file and still everything is OK.
But - doing the same with Schematic Library doesn't work - the library
list becomes empty.
My entry in advsch99se.ini file is as follows:
File0=D>MSACCESS:$RP>C:\Program Files\Design Explorer 99 SE\Library\Sch

Questions: 1. Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do?
            2. If yes - what I'm doing wrong?
            3. If yes, again - is it possible to do it being in Schematic
               Editor, to avoid manually changing .ini file?

Issue 2: Linking a document file which is within another database

It's connected with "project management" - as we deal mostly with prototypes,
quite often we have situation of "IP Reuse" - in new project we use,
without any change, some modules from previous projects.
 From our experience, it is best to have only one file (not counting backups)
- in "original" project and just kind of pointer to that file in any
project using this PCB module.
With our previous design tools (OrCAD IV + Cadstar) it was difficult to
manage, but it seems that Protel gives very good solution to that problem
- although I haven't found a word in documentation.

When the user adds a link to an external file in a "normal" way - from the
menu File\Link Document or by right-clicking in Design Window (when in Folder
View) the dialog window appears - it seems impossible to point to a file
being inside another database.
But, when the user opens two databases, picks up a file from one ddb, drags
and drops it into another's ddb window, he may move, copy or LINK that file.
In that way a link to a file which is within another ddb is established.

I tried to use such links pointing to documents of several document-types:
Schematic, PCB, Text, Autocad Drawing and also (just curiosity) Schematic
Library, and it worked well for all of them EXCEPT ONE - Schematic doc.
Trying to open one I get a message:
Access violation at address ... in module VCL50.BPL

Questions: 1. Is it possible to link schematic document which resides within
               another ddb?
            2. Is it safe using such links (does anybody have any experience
               with documents being corrupted that way)?

I'll appreciate any sugestions or links to any documentation.

Wojciech Oborski

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