I have run into this time and time again and also do 12 layer
boards(8 signal and 4 power etal). The auto router is very tough to figure
out because it does not obey the constraints I place on it. It is a female
by nature and has mood swings to boot.
        I have found out that I have to fan out every single pin on every
single part to get the router to complete complex boards without doing some
very very ugly routes that don't make any sense to me. I even fan out
resistors and capacitors!
        Your specific problem may be cleared by "RESETTING DRC ERRORS"
before you start the route up. Previous DRC error flags will stump the
router for some reason.
        I am having a bad time routing a new board right now as we speak
that has no problem with the routing phase but gets hung up after 100%
routing when it enters the "STRAIGHTEN AND CLEAN" phase(contentions). For
some reason routing might only take 12 minutes but straightening might run
for hours???

Good Luck!
R. Gordon Price
Director of Research Engineering
Loronix Information Systems, Inc.
Del Mar CA 
(858) 523-9424

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... doesn't crash, just stops:

On a fairly dense PCB, set up for 14 layers (8 signal, 6 power/ground) on a
5/5 design rule, I'm seeing strange router behaviour.

The router happily goes through the SMD fanout, memory & pattern routers but
part way through the push 'n' shove pass it does a DRC and exits.  No status
report, no error message, no crash - it just stops.

I've double checked that the board is within system capabilities, corrected
a few off-grid components and even re-fanned out four 1152-pin BGAs to make
sure the vias are all on-grid.  There are still off-grid pads, but that sort
of thing hasn't stopped the router on previous designs.

The router seems to be objecting to something, albeit in a slightly more
restrained manner than usual, but the question is what?

Any hints/tips/solutions gratefully received.

(BTW, the Protel version is P99SE/SP6 and the PC is an 800-and-something MHz
P3 with 512M SDRAM running Windows 2000 Professional)


Andy Gulliver

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