I've never seen anything like this. However, this is what I expect I would 
do if I encountered this problem.

I would immediately take steps to move existing backups to a safe place, 
where they cannot be subsequently overwritten. Backups exist in two places; 
in the designated autobackup directory and in the directory in which the 
.ddb lives. The autobackup is, as I recall, -- in the DDB system -- the 
whole database. Each file within the database, when overwritten, is 
normally backed up in the current (DDB) directory. I'd just copy all those 
files somewhere else, en masse, without worrying yet about details. 
Likewise the database itself.

Now, to attempt to solve the problem: I suspect a trashed executable, so 
one of the first things I would do is to uninstall and reinstall Protel. 
I'd try it first in a simple way, and if that does not work, I would then 
move all the *99SE.* files in the Windows or WinNT directory to somewhere 
else (make sure the originals no longer live in Windows or WinNT), and then 
uninstall and reinstall Protel once again.

If the problem still exists, I would write the PCB file as the ASCII 
database if the program lets me. Perhaps a pointer has been trashed and 
such things are not preserved in the ASCII form, which is human readable. I 
would then load this ASCII file. I might export it as well.

If the problem persists, I would examine the ASCII file with a text editor 
to see what is going on. As I recall, components are assigned numbers in 
the component record; this number will then be used in the individual 
primitive fields. The ASCII database is easier to see and follow than to 

If I can't recover the data in this way, I would start to look at backups, 
the latest first. Hopefully the problem was discovered before all good 
backups were overwritten.... One good reason to have a relatively long 
backup cycle, i.e., don't have one or two backups written every five minutes!

It is possible that if the component records are intact but the primitives 
have been trashed, Update from the PCB library will recover them. But this 
is one of the last things I would try.

And if that fails, I think I would be in for some tedious work to recreate 
my file.

However, the very first solution, reinstallation, is quite likely to fix 
the problem. Just remember to get rid of the *99SE.* files if an 
installation without moving them fails to fix the problem, they will *not* 
be removed in the uninstall, and a new installation will respect them if 
they exist. If you have valuable customizations, you can then restore the 
files piecemeal until the bad file is found (like half of them at a time, 
keeping the good half and dividing the bad half again, etc.).

At 12:54 PM 6/13/2002 +0300, EDA Software Technical Dpt. wrote:
>Before 2 days I create a new database with one schematic and one PCB file.
>Yesterday when I try to open my PCB file I realized that there were missing 9
>components but I still had their designators on my PCB (with green color).
>Those components still exists at the Design Manager list. but when I try 
>to edit
>one of them I got the following message:
>''Access violation at address OE3D7BC6 in module ADVPCB.DLL. Read of 
>address 00000044''
>If I try to jump to one of them I get a minimized PCB Editor.
>If I try to move one of them or their designators I've got the message :
>''Access violation at address OE3D7BC6 in module ADVPCB.DLL. Read of 
>address 00000044''
>Exception Occurred in
>PCB:( What ever the last command was )
>Note:After any system crash...
>I restarted PROTEL and I try to repair my database but I still got the 
>I try to UPDATE PCB from SCH but I got the same message:
>''Access violation at address OE3D7BC6 in module ADVPCB.DLL. Read of 
>address 00000044''
>Does anybody has any suggestions?
>I'm using 99SE SP6 with win2000.
>* Tracking #: 5A8B92A57C66764AB73B89928E2AEB1B4A92DE8C

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