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Title:  MDAC Drivers and ODBC Error Messages
Date:   June 6, 2002
Keywords:       ODBC, MDAC
Summary:        Protel 99 SE uses the Microsoft MDAC drivers for the
implementation of the design database storage system.  Some versions of the
MDAC driver work better with Protel than others.  This application note will
review some of the errors that can be generated when using an incompatible
version of the MDAC drivers and the process used to update the drivers to a
version that works well with Protel 99 SE.

ODBC errors are generated when running Protel 99 SE with an incompatible
version of the MDAC driver.  MDAC drivers can be automatically installed
during the process of installing new software on a computer, such as
Microsoft Office 2000 or SQL Server 7.0 SP2.

Incompatible versions of the MDAC drivers may cause ODBC errors, files to
open very slowly, failure to open Protel or specific database files, or
program crashes. 

In general most of these problems can be remedied by downloading and
installing the MDAC version 2.5 driver from
It has been reported that the sequence of installing can become important to
get Protel 99 SE software functioning properly with the latest MDAC update.

The installation sequence is as follows:

1)      Install Windows NT/95/98/2000 
2)      MDAC Application 
3)      Protel 99 SE 
4)      Service Pack 6 for Protel 99 SE

The following sections provide information on specific problems and their

Procedure for: Understanding Why Protel Generates ODBC Error Messages

There have been a number of issues with the version 4 ODBC drivers.  If you
have a product that has installed the version 4 drivers and you are still
experiencing ODBC error messages after installing the Service Pack, it is
recommended that you download the latest driver updates from the Microsoft


Most importantly, make sure to download an appropriate MDAC application that
is most suitable to the Windows operating system installation on the machine
running Protel 99 SE.  New MDAC applications seem to become available as new
Windows operating system software and service packs are released by

Then, follow the installation sequence found at the beginning of this
application note. 

Procedure for: Opening a .DDB file or Starting Protel 99 SE after Installing
SQL Server version 7.0 SP2

Installing SQL Server 7.0 SP2 or the MDAC 2.6 can cause Protel to be unable
to start or to open a database. Certain components in the Microsoft JET
database engine are updated, but not all the components used by Protel 99 SE.

If either of these updates is installed, ensure that the Distributed
Component Object Model (DCOM) is also installed. The easiest way to ensure
this is to install Internet Explorer 5, or later. Alternatively, it can be
installed individually as instructed on the Microsoft® website, shown below.

"Attention Windows 95 Users: DCOM for Windows 95 must be installed before
installing MDAC 2.1x or 2.5x. For more information please read the article
MDAC 2.0 Requires DCOM95 to Install under Windows 95. DCOM for Windows 95 is
available for download at";
(Microsoft®, 2001,, Available
Online 2/8/2001)."

Procedure for: Correcting Slow Database Opening Issues 
It is possible for one to encounter a very slow database opening procedure
when using Protel 99 SE.  For example, it may take one computer up to 20
minutes to open a database, but another computer will open the same file in
15 seconds. 

The Microsoft Windows ODBC Tracing feature that is used for debugging ODBC
applications can cause the slow opening issue. If ODBC Tracing has been left
on all ODBC applications, including Protel 99 SE, it will run very slowly.

To check if ODBC Tracing has been left on:

Step 1: Click on the Start button on the Windows Taskbar.

Step 2:         Select Settings.

Step 3: Select Control Panel.

Step 4:         Double-click on the ODBC icon.

Step 5:         Click on the Tracing TAB in the ODBC Data Source
Administrator dialog box. If the button displays "Stop Tracing Now" then the
tracing feature is still running (if the button says "Start Tracing Now" then
it is not running). 

Step 6: Press the "Stop Tracing Now" button. Protel 99 SE will now work as

Procedure for: Correcting the ODBC error 'String Data, right truncated

The error message "[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]String Data,
right truncated[null]" can occur when a database file is being opened in
Protel 99 SE.

This ODBC error is related to the ODBCjt32.dll version. A newer version of
the DLL has been found to be installed by Windows 98 SE operating system and
Office 2000 products. Apply the procedure update described in "Understanding
Why Protel Generates ODBC Error Messages", as follows:

Download an appropriate MDAC application that is best suited for the
operating system on the computer running Protel 99 SE. 

Then, follow the installation sequence found at the beginning of this
application note.

If this procedure fails to resolve the issue, the other option is to replace
the ODBCjt32.dll file found in the Windows directory with the same file found
on the Protel 99 SE CD. The installed ODBCjt32.dll file is located in:
\Windows\System\ or \Winnt\System32\.

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