so here is a real and growing problem (bug?) for us
(for the record (99SE SP6 Win2K Matrox G550 512M Ram)

we recently got a new box, a 1.8G P4 or something like that

the machine seems quite stable and happy and all of the software has
been freshly installed and comparable to other machines here

on that machine, where of course most of the work is done, the following
rather serious problem is occurring:

Open a DDB, do some work
Open another DDB and do some work
(2 is enough but also applies to more than 2 DDB's open)
switch to one of the projects and save the work
close that DDB
the Protel session completely disappears and work in the unsaved DDB(s)
is lost!!!

This does not happen every time when closing DDB's but it happens a lot

it does not happen on the other machines at all - ever

the workaround for the moment is to be careful to save everything
everywhere before closing any DDB
then when the session disappears we just re-start Protel

the machine and the program seem stable on restart
there are no error message

i suspected an MDAC issue (from reading this list) but the driver from
MS won't install because it says the one we have is already current

we wiped the program from \Program Files and re-installed
(although we did not delete the ini files in \WINNT)
no improvement

we did a complete uninstall from Control Panel Add/Remove, service pack
and all figuring that would remove all software components
no improvement (again we left the ini's)

it is hard to believe that the ini files are involved and i don't want
to set those up again
it's almost as if the machine is too fast and something is happening out
of sequence

there isn't much other fancy software installed or running, no
and as mentioned the other machines are setup substantially the same but
they are a bit slower at 1.4G

any ideas?

Dennis Saputelli

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